Up for Adoption


IMG_1414IMG_1593…Is a four year old neutered salt and pepper male; he has natural ears and a tail and weighs about 16 pounds.  Nicki was given up by a senior lady who had to move , he is housebroke and uses a doggy door.  Nicki loves to run and play, likes other dogs and people.  Like most schnauzers he will be a good watch dog and let you know when  something is amiss. .  He is very healthy and is up to date on his shots.


…Is a salt and pepper  neutered male who is great with dogs and cats.  He is housebroken ,  very healthy (getting a dental this month) ,  has all his shots and just turned 9 this month.  The owner just moved in with family members where the small grandkids try to grab and squeeze him,  since he has not been around small toddlers it is best for him to find an adult home where he could cuddle up and  spend quality time giving his love and devotion to some lucky person.   (this is a courtesy listing for the owner)facebook_1496987576245facebook_1496987414904


IMG_1416IMG_1414…Is a 6 year old spayed  salt and pepper 16 pound  female with a cropped tail and natural ears.  She is very sweet and affectionate,  loves people and likes to play  and interact with other dogs.  Pelousa uses a dog door and is now housebroke.   She is a rescue from a breeder who had bred her multiple times and now discards her without conscience.  This gal came to us extremely anemic and underweight  so after some care  and good food she has gained about 4 pounds!!  Pelousa  is now spayed and has had her teeth cleaned ,   She now waits for that special family who will let her sit by them  and get a few pets in exchange for her kisses.